What Is Powerflushing?

Powerflushing is a cleansing process designed to rid the central heating system of sludge, rust and corrosive inefficiencies that accumulate over time in most heating systems. In addition to increasing the efficiency of the heating system, the powerflush also serves to protect the main heating plant. Powerflushing should only be administered by a knowledgeable and experienced central heating expert.

Powerflushing is a proven solution for uneven heat distribution and for remedying the inefficiencies of the central heating system. Many homeowners are unaware that the heat circulation in their home is clogged. Powerflushing is the best way to ensure that the system is circulating properly and not adding pressure to the heating unit.

Powerflushing is also recommended when new systems are being installed. A new boiler replacing an older boiler is only as effective and efficient as the circulation of the existing piping. Powerflushing is a safe, relatively inexpensive process that will add warmth to the home and reduce energy expenditures at the same time.

Warning Signs That Powerflushing is Needed

There are several symptoms that indicate it is time to powerflush your central heating system.

Cold radiators – Are some radiators warm while others are cold? The reason for this is rust and sludge that has accumulated in pipes and is preventing heat from circulating to all radiators in the home.

Excessive Noise – Can you hear you boiler overworking? Do you hear air trying to fight through the sludge and rust in pipes? If your central heating system is making unusual noises, the chances are a powerflush is in order.

Discoloured Water – When you bleed your radiators and pipes are you finding the water is discoloured? That is a clear warning sign that the system is in jeopardy and in need of powerflushing. In extreme cases, you might notice that tap water is cloudy.

How Powerflushing Works

You can improve the circulation in your heating system by cleaning the pipes. You will most likely enjoy other benefits such as a quieter, more efficient operating system. Over the long-term, you will also notice that your energy expenses are decreasing.

Powerflushing is safe if administered by an experienced heating engineer likle Home Cure. The heating engineer will connect a high flow, low pressure pumping unit to the system. The most likely connection point is the circulation pump or the pump head, depending upon the system.

The engineer will add high strength cleaning chemical to the system. These include ingredients to break down sludge crust that inevitably builds on the pipes. A chemical to remove the sludge is also used along with a descaler to break down the limescale. After the initial flush, crust and rust inhibitors are added to the system.

The crust breakers and removers are acid-based cleansers. These will also rid the system of any sand that may have accumulated in the system. When the powerflush is complete, the acid will be washed thoroughly from the system.

Professional powerflushing takes can take a few hours. Most homeowners notice the difference immediately. Please feel free to get an estimate beforehand to find out about time frames and costs.

In the UK today, many residents are concerned about the cost and amount of energy used to heat their homes and businesses. Powerflushing is a great way to reduce energy expenditure, your carbon footprint and most importantly to improve the heat circulation in your home. By removing the sludge and corrosive elements from your central heating system, you are also prolonging the life of your heating plant. Replacing a boiler is one expense nobody wants to incur.